Man in the Mirror

This is a don’t-miss production!  It’s funny and poignant, incredibly well-sung by Ross Hauck, and just brilliantly conceived. 


Original one-act opera for tenor, harpsichord and cello
by Ben Bernstein
Wednesday, March 16, 2 performances: noon and 7:30 pm
Trinity Parish Church, Tickets $15
Thursday, March 17: 2 pm
Frye Museum of Art, Tickets $15
Friday, March 18, 9:30 pm
Festival Fundraiser ($50)

Wine and Dessert Evening, hosted by KING-FM’s Sean MacLean Sorrento Hotel

All tickets: or 206-999-7045

Ross Hauck

A tenor preparing for a performance of Handel’s Messiah dresses in full tie and tails, warms up, and gets ready for the performance. While doing this he is beset with all of the voices in his head.  At first they are supportive and congratulatory (“You are sensational!), but then they begin questioning (“You should have been a lawyer”), and finally a cacophony of negativity (laughing, criticizing) shakes his confidence.  In the end, he overcomes them and performs beautifully, of course.  This piece offers the public a rare glimpse into what really happens before performers go on stage.

Acclaimed Seattle tenor Ross Hauck is the soloist in this brilliant, funny, poignant original one-act opera. 

Composer Ben Bernstein is a teacher, stage director, and performance psychologist based in San Francisco.